1. Registration

The 2017 Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti will take place from Thursday, July the 20th to Sunday, July the 23rd.
Entry application opens on Thursday, January the 10th and closes on Thursday, June the 19th.

Between these two dates, those who wish to participate in the event must register on the web-site (, obtaining a login identity and a password which will be used to access the on-line entry form. When all parts have been filled in, they will be given an entry registration number.

It will then be necessary to attach online the following documents:

- First page of ACI/Csai or FIA or FIVA or AAVS certificates required
- Photographs of the car

The entry fee of € 2.950,00 (including VAT) must be paid by credit card (visa or master card) or wire transfer at the same time as entry registration on-line is made, only using our secure server on the web-site .

Applications submitted with incomplete or false information will not be accepted, nor will applications without documentation, without photographs or without entry fees. The date the entry fees is received will be considered the registration date of the entry application.
For information as to the status of your entry registration, all you have to do is check the web-site.

The result of the committee’s decision as to whether your car has been accepted or not will be shown on-line in you personal area.

The cars of competitors who have not paid the entry fee will not be included in the list of possible participant to the race. If the car has not been accepted, the entry fee (minus bank handling fees) will be returned by wire transfer to the bank account shown on your entry registration form or credited on your credit card.

Should your car not be accepted, it may still be placed on the waiting list of cars for the event, to substitute any renunciations or cancellations before the event starts. You will be informed of your status on the waiting list in the certified e-mail sent to you.

Entry fees of € 2.950,00 (including VAT) – includes the following:
  • complete hospitality package for 2 people
  • three nights in hotel in double room
  • three lunches (two during the competition, plus a final lunch after the awards ceremony)
  • one gala dinner (July the 20th in Cortina)
  • one dinner with all participants (July the 21st in Cortina)
  • one hotel dinner (July the 22nd in Cortina)
  • invitation to the awards ceremony

The entry fee for competitors who are not intended on using the hotel accommodation in Cortina will be € 2.350,00 (including VAT).

Participation Kit:

- road-book
- verification sticker and event numbers
- passes
- exclusive gifts, reserved only for Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti participants
- the catalogue

Assistance and services included:

- service shuttles wherever necessary
- assistance and coordination with our staff along the whole of the route


  1. Additional Services

The following optional additional services can be included in the package by requesting and paying  them on-line on the entry registration form or within June the 19th. After that date, for organizational motives, it will no longer be possible to purchase any of these services. The only exception to this will be the “bollo” (car sticker) for additional support vehicles which may be bought in Cortina.

  1. hotel rooms: option of two single rooms paying an additional cost of € 1.000,00.
  2. possibility to book your stay at the hotel in Cortina from 20/7 to 25/7 with the following daily rate: € 270,00 for a double room b/b.
  3. accompanying car crew for the amount of  € 1.700,00 for two people. This fee includes the following:
  • Hotel accommodation in a double room with B/B service in 20/07 out 23/07
  • Two lunches during the competition (21/07 and 22/07)
  • Bollo (car sticker)
  • Road book
  1. purchase of the car sticker for a support vehicle: the option of purchasing only the car sticker for € 200,00 without the hospitality package. Since this price does not include food and lodging, it will then be necessary for you to take care of this for your crew.
  2. parking for your transportation truck and other support vehicles with or without trailers. This option allows to park the above in the fenced areas from July  20th to July  23rd € 150,00 car with or without trailer..
  3. additional Gala dinner in Cortina € 100,00 p.p. (20/07) and dinner with all participants € 70,00 p.p. (21/07).
  4. VIP care service: this option includes your own personal assistant, with a private car and driver, allowing it to accompany the participating cars during the whole event. The car will serve as your personal shuttle, take you to the airport, transport your luggage, and give additional assistance to you and your crew. Fee for this service will be agreed at the time of the request.
  5. Possibility of having other guests during the competition for the amount of € 270,00 for a double room in a B/B hotel per day, plus any other additional services.

  1. Acceptance of car

Participation in the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti is limited to cars built between 1919 and 1961.
Cars must be original. Replicas, including partial ones, cannot be entered, all changes must be certified and must have been carried during the period of use on the specific model. According to the international regulations, cars are required to have a ACI/CSAI and FIA/FIVA Passport (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), particularly one of the following valid documents:

  • Fiche ACI-CSAI
  • Htp FIA (Historic Technical Passport FIA)
  • HTP CSAI (Historic Technical Passport CSAI)
  • ASI papers
  • AAVS papers
  • FIVA I.D.

Will be eligible to participate, a maximum of 30 cars built between 1962 and 1965 of particular historical or significant racing history, in possession of one of the above documentations. Those cars will not be included in the overall placing but in a special one.

The maximum number of cars allowed is 180.

As requests for pre-registration are normally much higher, a strict criterion of rotation of models will be applied, with precedence given as follows:

  • Cars which took part in any of the original Coppa d'oro delle Dolomiti (1947-1956)
  • Cars with a significant competitive background
  • Year of construction of the first model of the car
  • Exclusivity and rarity of the model
  • Cars belonging to "barchetta" category designed and build in the respective periods of classification, for use mainly sports / racing, with only two seats, without any possibility of being covered or even just covered laterally.

Cars admitted to the competition will be divided as follows:

  • 1st group: dating periods FIA C (1919-1930)
  • 2nd group: dating periods FIA D (1931-1946)
  • 3rd group: dating periods FIA E (1947-1961)

  1. Contacts

Infoline: 06 32296984

Rome, December 11th, 2015

Any changes will be communicated to registered participants with a specific email.

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